Hey Lover

by ViLLAGE ft. Inca

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ViLLAGE returns in top form with his new single that also marks his first collaboration with a vocalist. Four years after breaking through with his debut EP, Valentin delivers another prime cut of what he's been getting all the accolades for - a signature recipe of mellow beats, sweet and subtle vocal flourishes and a melody that's already familiar on your first listen.

"Hey Lover" features Inca on the vocals and four remixes, courtesy of Henry Krinkle, the elusive duo It's Different, youngster Sybro and fellow crew member and friend Empt.

All five tracks have subtle but different flavours - just like quality frozen yoghurt; ViLLAGE's classical touch is timeless but the freshness and diversity all three remixers bring to the table is very welcome. The abundance of positive vibes and innovative production is unexpected so it will be hard to pick a favorite. Pro tip: we like to play all four in a row while driving at night.


released June 8, 2016

Mix/mastering by Dan Griober



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